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Meet our DJs

DJ Riskk

DJ Riskk started SOR in 2007 with business partner and friend Zany. The format was created to propel and promote unsigned artist by interviewing them and putting their record in the mixshow. As a certified audio engineer, Riskk has recorded several artists and produces a slew of mixtapes. He continues to connect with artists in pursuit of allowing SOR to expose their talent and assist with the development of their skill.

DJ Jacktripper

In just a few years, Jack Tripper has developed an impeccable style and following. A true "traditional" DJ, has stands by the use of wax and Technics. He has blown up spots all over Houston and continues to show the world what that "DJ Life" 'bout.

DJ Slim Citi

Audio engineer, DJ Instructor to youths and budding acoustic engineer, DJ Slim Citi is the one to watch. Rocking yacht parties, high-end sushi bars, weddings and festivals are just an ordinary part of his agenda. Slim Citi has also successfully created movie trailers and promo videos for artists. Be on the look out for him in your area.